Kids Can Code! Let's Learn

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Designed for 8 - 16 years old. Younger kids may also use it.

Free tutorial that teaches kids to program interactive stories, games and animations, then share them online. It is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.



13 years +

Some apps for all ages



Grade 3 and up. Some free coding games and Minecraft modding for children over age 7. Kids can program drones and other robotic toys. Special online tutorials and coding camps available with subscription.



Daisy the Dinosaur App

Ages 6 - 8 years



Younger kids


KODABLE ( — Free courses that begin teaching basic coding skills to kids in kindergarten through third grade. Advanced practice for older kids. Tips for parents and teachers.

CODE.ORG ( — A nonprofit with the mission of providing computer science to every student in every school. Offers one-hour coding tutorials available to students and teachers.

CODE AVENGERS ( — Advanced program offers tutorials in Python, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. Learn to create apps, games and websites. Cost $29 per month.


CODE COMBAT ( — Best for older kids, Code Combat is an interactive game with more than 5 million players who build game levels and play together using typed code.

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